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OEM Impala SS Replica Wheels - Placentia, California

Colorado Custom took a swing at replicating the classic 1994 Chevrolet Impala SS wheel & they didn't miss. The OEM wheel manufactured by GM for their 94-96 Impala SS was based on a design produced by ROH Wheels, which were displayed on the infamous "Lord Vader, your car is ready" vehicle ad in the 90's. At the time of the vehicles release, the 17" rim (considered large at the time) was the standard wheel option available from the manufacturer. 


Wheel companies often release larger wheel variations that may coincidentally have re-latable qualities to the OEM Impala SS 5 spoke design, unfortunately none have taken a direct approach at tackling the task. Up until now, if you wanted set of 20" wheels & above, your best bet was to look to one of the many multi-peice wheel manufacturers & hope there was a similar 5 spoke design in their line up. If you were lucky to find a set that did resemble your OEM Impala SS wheel, you were then left with unsightly M7 wheel bolts & exposed lug nuts. There are a handful of wheel companies that do offer reversed mounting hardware, but you may be limited to sizes under 20 inches & you are again left with exposed lug nuts. 


Colorado Custom's welded two piece approach offers strength & eliminates the hardware necessary to fasten the center & hoop. In turn, each wheel looks sleek & comparable to the one piece OEM wheel.The large center cap is the finishing touch to the OEM styling. Fully enclosing the lug nuts & offering a smooth clean surface. Current sizes for this design range from 20", 22" & 24". Each wheel size is offered in a staggered fitment, from 8.5" for the front & 10.5" for the rear.


Michael Salazar, co-owner of Colorado Custom, states that they cater towards the custom wheel field & owe their growth to their clients that continue exceed their boundaries. Which results in new designs & various wheel sizes.

Vehicle: Orange Bang

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