Featuring Impalas aNd Caprices - Past to Present

Featured Video - "Like A Boss"

Slim Thug aNd the Bubble Chevy Impala SS.

"Hate Me If You Wanna"

Sten Jodie 

Running Time - 4:02 min.

Year of Production: 2018 @beezythareal

Sten Joddi playin' with stacks in a Bubble Chevy Impala SS.

"Dirty Thirty"

Timothy Rhyme ft. So*Cal INC

Running Time - 3:46 min.

Year of Production: 2015

Timothy Rhyme didn't hold back when he dropped these 30 bars. So*Cal INC was in the mix with many "B-Body" Impalas aNd Caprices. Bubble gettin' loose @ 1:30 min.

"Whip Game"

Ray Dogg ft. Celly Cel aNd Sic Jay

Running Time - 4:17 min.

Year of Production: 2014

Ray Dogg brought out some "Old School" Impalas for the video.

"Talkin' 2 Texas"

T Lee ft. K-Rino, Big Chu, TJ, Bran Doe

Running Time - 4:03 min.

Year of Production: 2013

Houston INC representin' with their clean "Bubble Chevys"

"Exhibit Z"

Ziplock Freshhh

Running Time - 2:04 min

Year of Production: 2012

Bubble Chevy Impala SS & Caprice throughout video.

"Tear Drops"

Ziplock Freshh

Running Time - 4:35 min

Year of Production: 2012

Bubble Chevy Impala SS throughout the video.


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